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Understanding Aluminium

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

There are a multitude of reasons to choose aluminium windows, doors and glazed roofs. Homeowners and Architects are becoming more aware of this slimmer and stronger material and the advantages it has over other materials.

AluFen's partnership with the Customade Group and it's subsidiary REAL Aluminium, provide clients with what we feel is the best combination of design, quality and value.

Thermally efficient

The AluFen range is enhanced with polyamide thermal barrier technology, enabling the windows and doors to exceed the energy performance requirements of current

Building Regulations. Profiles used in all products from the AluFen range have a very high resistance to heat transfer from the inner face of the frame to the external face of the frame, giving superior thermal efficiency and reduced condensation.The roof frame is the most thermally efficient in the UK domestic conservatory market.

Aluminium window frame showing polyamide thermal barriers
REAL System 1 window showing polyamide thermal barriers

High strength

Aluminium, by its very nature, is a strong material compared to uPVC and doesn’t require additional reinforcements. The superior strength of aluminium allows for larger arrangements which are only possible with timber or uPVC when using bulky profiles and couplers. Most uPVC bi-folds can only extend to 750mm-wide sashes; the AluFen Bi-folding Doors can accommodate 1200mm sashes.

Aluminium to uPVC window frame comparison
Typical sight lines of an aluminium frame to that of a uPVC frame.

Ease of maintenance

Aluminium is easy to keep looking great and is virtually maintenance free. Modern powder-coating delivers a hard-wearing finish which will last for years. With occasional cleaning and periodic lubrication of locks and hinges, aluminium windows and doors will look and operate ‘as-new’ for longer.

Long-lasting colour

Powder-coated aluminium is one of the most durable finishes available for windows and doors. It won’t discolour, rust or peel, giving it a long-lasting, attractive appearance. All aluminium products from the AluFen range come with superior guarantees. This guarantee covers the powder-coating against the following faults:

• peeling, powdering and blistering

• corrosion

• chalking, fading and loss of sheen

Powder-coated finish guarantees
Powder-coated finish guarantees

Better functionality

Aluminium is a durable substance, therefore windows and doors made from aluminium will

continue to open and slide smoothly over many years.

Environmentally friendly

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, and when recycled uses just 5% of the total energy needed to produce frames from scratch.

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